Wooter Platform in a Nutshell:


Wooter Basketball Platform For Basketball Leagues and Coaches gives you the ability to have a website and app dedicated to your league and players. You can keep track of your players and teams stats as well as the schedule for those teams. You will also be able to order team uniforms and apparel for your teams players.


1. Create Your League, Team, or Tournament

All we need is your organization name and season details to get started. It only takes a few seconds!

Create a League

2. Setup Your Roster and Schedule

Setup your roster, teams, schedule, stats - even videos and photos. Hmm... but what about... 

Divisions? Multiple seasons? Registration? Rankings? Leaderboards? Stats Tracking with iScout, STATCREW, & SportNGN?  

Yeah, we got that :)

3. Share Your Custom App & Website with your Players


Now that everything is setup your League, Team, or Tournament now has its own website on Wooter and its own app space on the Wooter app. 


What's Included With Your Custom App?

Take your organization to the next level with your own custom app!

  • Your own iOS app

  • Your own Android app

  • Custom Logos & Branding

  • Custom Layout & Navigation

  • Team & Player Profiles

  • Schedules, Standings, Rankings

  • Notifications of Upcoming Games

  • League & Team Private Chatrooms

  • Advertise Sponsors to Players & Fans

  • Player Recruitment and Registration

  • Share Videos & Photos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

  • Only show your Leagues, Tournaments, and Teams

  • Charge $$$ for the app

  • User Analytics